音標 [di'tektə]
n. 名詞 1. 發覺者。
2. 偵查器。
3. 【化學】檢定器。
4. 【電學】檢電器。
5. 【電訊】檢波器,指示器。


    1. The c arm of the system can rotate at a very high speed, up to 25 degreessec. at the same time, an automatic patient safety detector allows the use of fast rotations and angulations with enhanced patient safety through non - contact detection. the sensing system adapts to the patient s size and will automatically slow down and stop moving when a patient gets too close

    2. An aqueous caustic solution removes carrier gas impurities harmful to the detector cell.

    3. In the blue print of the analog, author utilize the big dynamic vga to realize the if amplifier and use the audion to carry out the 80db agc, through the improvement of the traditional detect circuit, extend the dynamic range of the detector

    4. Abstract : this paper describes the classical mathematic model of bolometer, the effect of thermal isolation and noise on detector performance are also discussed

    5. In this system, the oil pipe be locally magnetized through the longitudial and circumferential direction, the oil pipe be circumvolved by the electromotor, the detector will has a linear movement on the surface of the pipe, so it can realize the combined testing of horizontal flaw ( cankerous pits and cankerous holes etc. ) and vertical flaw ( pole flaw and crack etc )