developer agueons中文意思是什麼

developer agueons解釋

  • developer: n. 1. 開發者。2. 【攝影】顯影劑,顯像劑。

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  1. Is a software developer for apache geronimo

    是一名apache geronimo軟體開發人員。
  2. Hong kong stock code : 0659, the service flagship of blue chip property developer

    香港股份代號: 0659的領導下,讓富城集團在物業及設施管理界能發揮最佳的表現。
  3. From the candidate whose stated objective was to " seek a high - paying, relaxing job " to the software developer who included a photo of himself bare - chested, cavorting in the surf

  4. The exposed silver halide is then converted to metallic silver by an agent in the developer.

  5. Solutions, the ibm technical developer conference

    解決方案, ibm技術開發人員大會