音標 [ˌdi:vi'eiʃən]
n. 名詞 1. 脫離,越軌,背離 (from) 。
2. 偏向,偏差。
3. (統計上的)誤差。
4. 【航海】(故意)偏航。
5. 【數學】偏差數。
n. 名詞 -ism (政治上的)脫離正道。
n. 名詞 -ist 脫離正道者,異端分子。


    1. In the first place, we should prevent deviation of the value of procedure ; in the second place, justice would be brought into effect by law. the civil judicial law which is executing in current should be strengthened in openness of judge, neutrality of gownsman, adjudgement without plaintiff or appellee, and so on

    2. This paper, on the basis of chronologizing contemporary art history as well as social and cultural background, analyses the internal causes for the birth of " new humans " painting and its deviation from the traditional mode of creation

    3. ( 2 ) it explains the basic concept of time series, some kinds of the common time series models and the development characteristics of time series in detail. it analyses how to judge the model from the self - related function and the deviation related function. determining a better standard to set up models from the comparison of some kinds of fixed step time series standards, then predicts utilizing the counter function

      ( 2 )詳細闡明了時間序列的基本思想、幾種常見的時間序列模型以及時間序列的動態特徵,分析了如何利用自相關函數和偏相關函數來對模型進行判定,通過對時間序列的幾種定階準則的比較,確定一種好的定階準則來建立模型,從而可以利用逆函數法進行預報。
    4. Time deviation due to propagation delay can be tolerated.

    5. Deviation is justifiable to save life or property.