dial pulse scan中文意思是什麼

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  • dial: n 1 日晷 (= sun dial)。2 (鐘表等的)針盤;(儀表等的)標度盤;(電話的)撥號盤。3 礦用羅盤;...
  • pulse: n 1 脈搏;有節奏的跳動;【動物;動物學】脈沖(波);脈動。2 意向;傾向。3 【音樂】拍子,律動。vi ...
  • scan: vt ( nn )1 細看,細察;審視。2 〈口語〉大略一閱;瀏覽。3 按韻節念,按句調讀,標出(詩)的格律(...

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  1. Super - hard amorphous carbon films were deposited on such substrates as single - crystalline silicon and k9 glass by pulse laser ablating graphite target

    本文研究用脈沖激光燒蝕石墨靶方法在單晶硅、 k9玻璃等襯底上生長超硬非晶碳膜。
  2. Simulations of gain and aberrance are done to study the amplification of pulse signal with a frequency of 0. 25mhz

    對頻率為0 . 25mhz的脈沖信號放大進行了模擬,分析了其增益和脈沖畸變隨放大參量的變化情況。
  3. At the same time 7794m3 affusion test were processed, and roadbed settlement observation conducted for two more year, physical mechanism and chemical index experiment were analyzed in the laboratory, section experiment of earth sample was proceed, changement of compacted soil body micromechanism along with depth were analysed by polariscope and scan electricscope. drain ditch, barrel - drain and little bridge were treated by composite geotextile

  4. According to tracking theory, automatic following can be divided into three systems : step - advance tracking, taper - scan tracking and single - pulse tracking

  5. 3 - d laser scanning technique is a way that uses laser pulse to scan the object to get the superficial characteristic information of the entity. it applies to the close quarters or middle distance scene of the objects in the real world. 3 - d laser scanner has its outstanding performance in this field