dibble beans中文意思是什麼

dibble beans解釋

  • dibble: vt 1 用小鍬在(地)上掘穴。2 穴植,點播。vi 使用點播器;點播。n 掘穴具,點播器。 dibble in potato...
  • beans: 精神旺盛

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  1. Included in the buffet is a choice of appetizers from the restaurant s antipasto table where an unlimited fresh lobsters and oysters is available ; freshly made pasta prepared only to order at a cooking station in the restaurant and a choice of main courses which changes weekly, including linguine alla sabatini ; pan - fried snapper fillet with vine - ripe tomatoes, capers and black olive sauce ; braised free - range chicken cacciatora style with wild mushrooms and polenta ; grilled slices of beef tenderloin with white wine navy beans and spring potatoes and chef s personal favourite, pan - fried duck liver with black truffle sauce

    享受豐富頭盤后,您更可於四款意式主菜當中,選擇其中一款心愛美饌。新增美食推介包括馳名的sabatini鮮茄海鮮幼面,豐富海鮮如地中海蝦青口帶子蜆肉等,配合sabatini特製的鮮番茄汁意大利麵,味道香濃,意粉真正al dente !此外,每位贈送義大利餐酒一杯,配搭不同主菜更能帶出食物的flavour 。
  2. Company mainly handles iqf and dehydrated vegetables and fruits such as : iqf pea pods, green beans, soy beans, snap pea, broccoli cauliflower, water chestnut, mushroom, black fungus, bamboo shoots, shiitake, white green asparagus, lotus foot, binlang taro, beans sprout, green red carrots, okra, arbutus, lychee, longan, ginger, dehydrated mushroom slices and chinese hibiscus flower, and also some salted vegetables

  3. Along river a tape belong to yellow bonus rang with ceremony brown earth, suit planting paddy, corn, barnyard grass, millet, sorghum, peanut, rape and wheat, qiao son, beans kind and potato kind

  4. I don't know beans about the piano.

  5. The beans swelled up after being soaked.