dibutyryl camp中文意思是什麼

dibutyryl camp解釋

  • dibutyryl: 聯丁酰基
  • camp: n 坎普〈姓氏〉。n 1 野營,露營地;露營隊,出征軍;陣營,陣地,戰場;軍隊生活。2 露宿;帳幕,帳篷...

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  1. One time tom sent a boy to run about town with a blazing stick, which he called a slogan which was the sign for the gang to get together, and then he said he had got secret news by his spies that next day a whole parcel of spanish merchants and rich a - rabs was going to camp in cave hollow with two hundred elephants, and six hundred camels, and over a thousand " sumter " mules, all loaded down with di monds, and they didn t have only a guard of four hundred soldiers, and so we would lay in ambuscade, as he called it, and kill the lot and scoop the things

    他把這火棍叫做信號是通知全幫的哥兒們集合的。接著,他說他獲得了他派出去的密探所得的秘密情報:明天,有一大隊西班牙商人和阿拉伯富翁要到「窪洞」那裡宿營,隨帶有兩百匹大象,六百匹駱駝和一千多頭「馱騾」 ,滿裝著珍珠寶貝,他們的警衛才只四百個人。因此,用他的話來說,我們不妨來一個伏擊,把這伙子人殺掉,把財寶搶過來。
  2. By moving inside the wire of commandant amon goeth ' s camp -

  3. The max stock of ankh of reincarnation changed from 4 to 5 ( the shop in each camp ) / 3 ( the shop in the middle of the map )

    雙方營地內的地精實驗室復活十字章庫存最大數由4調整為5 ,地圖中間的地精實驗室復活十字章庫存最大數由4調整為3 。
  4. Hitler turned and peered closely at his aide-de-camp. those beady eyes never failed to unnerve puttkamer.

  5. Behind the scene in " bedouin camp " in qatar

    幕後場景:卡達的「貝多因營地」 。