dietetic diarrhoea中文意思是什麼

dietetic diarrhoea解釋

  • dietetic: adj. 飲食的,營養的;(特指限製糖分的)特定飲食的。adv. -ly ,-tetics n. 飲食學,營養學。-tition, -tician n. 飲食學家,營養學家。
  • diarrhoea: n. 【醫學】腹瀉。 have diarrhoea 下痢,瀉肚子。-rh(o)eal , -rh(o)eic , -rh(o)etic adj.

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  1. Time grew, the adjustment that can bring about pallium again the function is disorder, parasympathetic nerve centre is met " seize the opportunity " come out from the disengagement below the control of pallium, stimulant increase, the alvine path exercise that gets it to control is accelerated, patient occurrence diarrhoea ; this nerve excitement is too long, but because of " fatigue " and ebb gradually and turn to restrain, alvine path muscle also comes down flabbily slowly, peristalsis is abate, the result causes constipation again

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