differential-pressure airspeed indicator中文意思是什麼

differential-pressure airspeed indicator解釋

  • differential: adj 1 差別的,區別的;特定的。2 【數學】微分的。3 【物、機】差動的,差速的,差示的。n 1 (鐵路不...
  • pressure: n 1 壓;按;擠;榨。2 【物理學】壓力,壓強;大氣壓力;電壓。3 精神壓力,政治[經濟、輿論等]壓力。4...
  • airspeed: 飛行速度
  • indicator: n. 1. 指示者;指示物;標識。2. 【化學】指示劑。3. 【機械工程】指示器,示功器。

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  1. Influence of pressure differential pressure 1. zero error

  2. Measurement precision contribute to improving the security class and economic of boiler running and automatic level of whole plant. the smart measurement instrument of the boiler ’ s air flow designed in the thesis and the instrument can make the degree of accuracy get to. firstly, the thesis build the “ velocity - area ” method which is on basis of “ log - tchebycheff ” on the analyzing of basic measure method of boiler ’ s air flow. secondly, model86 averaging pitot tube was selected the right model of flow transducer which can pickoff the differential pressure and static pressure. modelc264 which made in setra system corp. u. s. a was selected as ultra low differential pressure transmitter. a good flow of boiler ’ s air was calculated by offsetting pressure and temperature. finally, numeroscope was designed with z80cpu and other chips

  3. Type spectrum table for wide plus bdr badr series micro differential pressure transmitter

    Wideplus - bdr badr系列微差壓變送器型譜表
  4. Application of self - operated differential pressure controlling valve

  5. Optional accessories : differential pressure manometers ; indicator ( gauge ), pressure transmitters, level transmitters ; and automatic purge drains

    選配輔助組件:壓差器;顯示器(壓力計) ,壓力傳感器,液位傳感器;和自動排放系統。