音標 ['didʒit]
n. 名詞 1. 手指,足趾。
2. 一指之寬〈約3/4英寸〉。
3. 【天文學】太陽(或月亮)直徑的1/12〈用作測定日蝕、月蝕的單位〉。
4. 阿拉伯數字〈0,1,2,…有時將0除外,僅指1至9〉。


    1. There has been a robust double - digit annualized growth rate in total asset under management ( aum ) over the last 4 years

      在過去的4年裡,在總的資產管理規模( aum )方面,具有強勁的兩位數字的年增長率。
    2. This paper describes the components and structure of advanced signaling system : automatic train control system ( atc ), analyzes the function and classification of its three subsystems : ats, atp and ato, with emphasis on currently widely adopted atc system - quasi - moving - block signaling system, which works on coded digit track circuit, and discusses the operating principles of coded digit track circuit and the features of train control of quasi - moving - block signaling system

      信號系統是確保城市軌道交通列車運行安全及提高運營效率的關鍵設備。本文詳細討論了應用於城市軌道交通的先進的信號系統? ?列車運行自動控制系統( atc )的組成和結構,對其三個子系統:列車自動監控系統ats 、列車自動保護系統atp 、列車自動運行系統ato的功能和分類進行了詳細分析和比較。
    3. The last digit is an all important " fail safe " for accuracy of scanning. the check digit is derived by a modulo - 1o calculation from all the other digits in the number, via the following procedure

    4. Verification regulation of digit industrial frequency meter model pp27

    5. Simulated malingering : a preliminary trial on hiscock ' s forced - choice digit memory test