digital tra fer rate中文意思是什麼

digital tra fer rate解釋

  • digital: adj. 1. 手指的;指狀的。2. 數字的,數據的。n. 1. (鋼琴等的)琴鍵。2. 手指。
  • tra: 茶
  • fer: 帶,拿
  • rate: n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...

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  1. Could you tell me where to change / where i should tra fer

  2. It is market which provides places for organized trading in securities, manages ot trading of listed stocks and bonds, su lies the customers with the services of securities clearing, delivery, tra fer and storage, and with the market information

  3. Taxpayer : well , we are pla ing to tra fer our equity into another company , i want to know whether my company will pay busine tax on it

  4. Fibre optic communication subsystem basic test procedures - test procedures for digital systems - bit - rate tolerance measurement

  5. Personal housing re - mortgage loan mea a busine that the borrower having handled a personal housing loan at icbc needs to tra fer house property right and mortgage loan to any other person and engages icbc to continue to handle the procedures of loan tra fer during the period of repayment for sale , donation , inheritance of the purchased housing and other reaso