diolar ion中文意思是什麼

diolar ion解釋

  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。

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  1. Study on the acrolein hydration catalyzed by strong acidic ion - exchange resin

  2. Purer acetylcholinesterase was obtained through salting out by ammonium sulphate and ion exchanging

  3. Structure control of carboxyl pyridine - containing amphoteric ion exchange fibers

  4. In the experimental studies on the behaviors of helium in aluminum, ion implantation technique was adopted to introduce helium with different energies, doses and distributions into some specimen of monocrystal, polycrystal, and preferred orientation as to the structure of aluminum. the energies varied in the range of 50ev to 4. 87mev. the corresponding helium peak depths by trim simulation varied in the range of 16 angstrom to 20. 7 microns

    在金屬鋁中氦行為的實驗研究中,首先用離子注入技術在單晶、多晶以及擇優取向的鋁樣品中引入不同能量、劑量和濃度分佈的he原子,能量范圍從50ev 4 . 87mev , trim模擬的he濃度峰值的深度范圍為16 (
  5. Tin - based alloy anodes for lithium ion batteries