diphtheritic necrosis中文意思是什麼

diphtheritic necrosis解釋

  • diphtheritic: 白喉性壞死
  • necrosis: n. (pl. -ses ) 【醫學】壞死,壞疽;骨疽;【植物;植物學】枯斑,壞死。necrotic adj.

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  1. Massive cortical necrosis can result in permanent anuria.

  2. The b lymphocyte stim lator ( blys ) also known as baff, tall - 1, thank, ztnf4, is the most recent addition to the tumor necrosis factor family ( tnf ) ligands. blys induces both in vivo and in vitro b cell proliferation, differentiation and immunoglob lin secretion. meanwhile, it also strongly suppresses the growth of tumor cell lines. the over - production of blys is associated with the development of certain autoimmune disease, such as systemic lupus erythaematosus ( sle ), rheumatoid arthritis, myasthenia gravis, sj greh ' s syndrome

    人b淋巴細胞刺激因子( hblys )是1999年發現的腫瘤壞死因子超家族成員。最早發現其可誘導腫瘤細胞凋亡,之後發現它是一個強有力的b細胞共刺激因子,它在體外及轉基因動物體內可明顯刺激b細胞的生長,免疫球蛋白分泌,並導致動物自身免疫性改變。
  3. New york ( reuters health ) jan 03 - although a clinical response was observed, anti - tumor necrosis factor ( tnf ) therapy with etanercept did not appear to be superior to methotrexate for the treatment of rheumatoid cachexia, according to findings published in the december issue of the american journal of clinical nutrition

    紐約(路透社健康) 1 . 03 -根據美國臨床營養雜志11月刊的報道,在觀察了臨床表現后發現,用依那西普進行抗腫瘤壞死因子( tnf )治療並不比甲氨喋呤治療類風濕性惡病質更具優勢。
  4. The results showed that the prime symptoms of the tpd include laticifer necrosis and cambium - like meristem formation that occurs around the necrotic laticifer in the inner bark

  5. Microscopically, caseous necrosis is characterized by acellular pink areas of necrosis, as seen here at the upper right, surrounded by a granulomatous inflammatory process