direction finding中文意思是什麼

direction finding解釋
測向. 定向

  • direction: n. 1. 方位,方向;范圍,方面。2. 〈pl. 〉 指揮,指導;管理。3. 〈常 pl. 〉指示,命令,吩咐;用法說明。4. 導演;(樂隊)指揮。5. 寄發地址。6. 趨向,傾向。
  • finding: n. 1. 發現;發現的東西。2. 〈 pl. 〉結論;研究結果;【法律】判決,(陪審員的)評定;(委員會等的)審查結果。3. 〈 pl. 〉〈美國〉(服裝,鞋,首飾製造用的)零件材料及工具。

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  1. Direction finding is one of the most important parts in the communication countermeasure

  2. The rationale of the tradition radio direction finding system is introduced. depending on the double - channels interferometer direction finding system manufactured successfully which have got a technical appraisal by technology committee of jiangsu province, the system of single channel interferometer direction finding is discussed particularly. the data and results of the experiment system are presented

  3. The direction finding is an important index of electronic reconnaissance

  4. High accuracy can be obtained in direction finding system where the angle of incidence is determined by the phase information of the incident wave, but the mutual coupling between antennae will effect the performance of the system

  5. The methods of direction finding mainly include maximum ( minimum ) signal method, amplitude - comparison method, phase - comparison method and time difference method