dirty weather中文意思是什麼

dirty weather解釋

  • dirty: adj (dirtier;dirtiest) 1 齷齪的,骯臟的,污穢的,不幹凈的;(原子核)污染的。2 (手段等)卑鄙的...
  • weather: n 1 天氣,氣候;暴風雨(天氣)。2 (某種)時候;處境;狀況。vt 1 使暴露在風雨中;通風,晾乾,吹乾...

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  1. The match was abandoned because of bad weather.

  2. Weather systems associated with air masses are usually several hundred to a thousand or miles across and move from west to east.

  3. Russians likewise reinforced air units at the front. on 13 sep, ebashi gave go - ahead. 225 planes airworthy ; fighters and some light bombers deployed to forward bases. weather improved on 14 sep

    俄國人同樣向前線增援航空單位.在9月13日,江橋到達前線. (鳥注:此譯不確,請高手指正) .可用飛機總數為225架;戰斗機和輕轟炸機布署在前進機場.自9月14日起,天氣轉好
  4. The preparation, properties and application in powder coating of alicyclic epoxy resin and glycidyl ester of acrylic ( methy acrylic ) acid were discussed in this paper and some views and proposals to varieties development of ontdoor type ( weather resistance ) epoxy resin for powder coating were also presented

  5. Small alluvial fans at mouths of wet weather drainage ways also are commonly intermixed indistinguishably.