adv. 動詞 副詞 討厭,無聊。


    1. I took no harm from the journey, thank you, ' she said disagreeably

      我旅行中沒有受到任何傷害,真要謝謝你。 』她不友好地說。
    2. She asked again whether everything were going well on the estate. he frowned disagreeably at her unnatural tone, and made a hasty reply

    3. And if any one came into his room at such moments, he would be particularly short, severely decided and disagreeably logical

    4. The really sharp downward slope of the stage had surprised him disagreeably, and he owed no small part of his present anxiety to a feeling that its boards were moving under his feet

    5. That expression in pierres face exasperated prince andrey. he went on resolutely, clearly, and disagreeably : i have received a refusal from countess rostov, and rumours have reached me of your brother - in - laws seeking her hand, or something of the kind

      皮埃爾的面部表情激怒了安德烈公爵,他堅決地不高興地大聲說下去: 「我遭受到伯爵小姐羅斯托娃的拒絕,此外我還聽到你的內兄向她求婚以及諸如此類的流言。