disarmament negotiating machinery中文意思是什麼

disarmament negotiating machinery解釋

  • disarmament: n. 繳械;解除武裝;裁軍。 general and complete disarmament 全面徹底的裁減軍備。 disarmament conference 裁軍會議。
  • negotiating: 買賣談判
  • machinery: n. 1. 〈集合詞〉機器,機械;機件;(機器的)運轉部分。2. (政府等的)機關,組織,機構。3. (小說、戲劇等的)情節,設計〈特指為增強效果而安排的超自然的人物或事件〉。4. 工具,手段,方法。

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  1. The girls did not so much seem accessory wheels to the general machinery as mere cogs to the wheels.

  2. This text regards xuzhou construction and machinery group as the research object used many kinds of economy and management theory synthetically, adopted the method of fact - test determine the nature combined with quantitative analysis, propose marketing strategy and tactics of enterprise. offer a set of actable development strategy and a set of actable static

  3. An antitrust judgment in 1954 forced the firm to release its stranglehold on the shoe machinery market.

  4. Sunrise furniture is specialized in the production of european and american classic solid wood furniture such as dining tables, chairs, sofas, armoires, curios, bedroom sets etc ; with modernized machinery exporting to many countries all over the world

  5. Deprived of this raw material, the machinery makes less atp