discipline building中文意思是什麼

discipline building解釋

  • discipline: n 1 訓練,鍛煉;(逆境等的)磨煉;修養;教養。2 紀律,風紀;【宗教】宗規,戒律。3 訓戒,懲戒;懲...
  • building: n. 1. 建築物,房屋,大樓,大廈。2. 製造;營造,建築;組合,組裝;建築術。

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  1. Summary of the symposium on the building up and developments in the discipline of belletristic aesthetics

  2. In civic moral building, the dual nature of self - discipline and heteronomy with their calls for rationality in the practice determines that the choice of paths taken must be multiple and varied

  3. Choice of paths in civic moral building, which further looks into the choice of paths taken in the practice of civic moral building on the basis of self - discipline and heteronomy, duality of civic morals in their practice

    第三部分,即「公民道德建設的路徑選擇」 。本文依據公民道德「自律與他律」的二重實踐品性的理性確認,進一步考察了公民道德建設的實踐路徑。
  4. In terms of discipline building, he advocated making textbooks by absorbing foreign advanced experience in curriculum development and taking into considerations the conditions in china ; in terms of school management, he emphasized the building of teaching staff and the management of students

  5. Current issues and development strategies of building the discipline of pharmacy administration at pharmacy schools in china