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  • discontinuous: adj. 1. 不連續的,斷斷續續的;中斷的。2. 突變的。adv. -ly
  • controller: n 1 管理人,主管人。2 (會計的)主計人,檢查員;〈英國〉(特指宮廷、海軍等的)出納官〈常作 comptr...

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  1. Finally, the controller working based on the combination of rbf neural networks and traditional pid control was applied to in aclinic kinetic machinery and lifting machinery of tower crane. the simulation of this controller was made using matlab, and the simulation results showed that the control system has some merits, such as quick response, little overshoot, well anti - jamming capacity, and little steady - state error, etc. both the dynamic property and static characteristic of this controller are better than traditional pid controller, and meet the tower crane

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    42 - 015p型自動防滯剎車控制器測試儀
  3. The two - dimensional henon chaotic nonlinear map is effectively controlled by the proposed approach. secondly, because of the distinguished advantages, such as rapid convergency and strong approachability, the rbf networks is trained as chaotic controller by ogy scheme, then successful of controlling the henon chaotic map

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    Wd序列ata raid控制器快速安裝指南
  5. Chaos in three typical topology power electronic converters with a close loop controller is studied. the discrete iterative model is established and analyzed for the chaos in close loop boost converter working in discontinuous conduct mode. the tracking control method is used to control chaos of this converter, simulation results show its effectiveness

    研究了三種典型拓撲結構的電力電子變換器閉環工作時的混沌現象,針對工作在電流斷續模式( dcm )下的boost變換器中的混沌現象,分析了其數學模型,並採用軌跡跟蹤控制方法進行了控制,模擬結果表明了該方法的有效性。