dispersed solute atom中文意思是什麼

dispersed solute atom解釋

  • dispersed: adj. 分散的,散開的。 dispersed element (巖石、礦物中包含的)微量元素。 dispersed dye 彌散性染料。adv. -ly 四散地,散亂地。
  • solute: n. 【化學】溶質;溶解物。
  • atom: n. 1. 原子。2. 微粒;微量。

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  1. The results of tem showed that the layers of omt had been separated partly into alone fragment by in - situ polymerization of pu ; the agglomerative nano - sio2 particles in pu composite had been dispersed, but the disperse status became worse as the increase of its content

    Tem結果顯示,通過pu的原位聚合,復合材料中omt的片層被部分分離成單獨的片層;納米510 :粒子被分散,但在復合材料中的分散狀況隨著其含量的增大而變差。
  2. Subordinate are plagioclase granite dike, layered tonalite, tonalitic conglomeration dispersed in amphibolite, ultramafic rock and metabasalt etc. plenty of igneous accumulated banding were discovered in amphibolite from nujinshan and bujing area some residual clinopyroxene also were found in a few of sample

    超鎂鐵巖多為構造透鏡體分佈於斷裂帶中,多蝕變為蛇紋石巖,在牛井山及布京一帶已發現並圈定了9個巖體(塊) 。
  3. An arsenic atom can take the place of a germanium atom in the lattice.

  4. Waves emanate from the same atom source.

  5. Vacancy - solute atom complexes diffusion and non - equilibrium segregation in alloy steels