displaced foundation中文意思是什麼

displaced foundation解釋

  • displaced: 換行攻擊
  • foundation: n 1 建設,創設,創立。2 基礎,根本;根據;地基,地腳。3 基金;捐款;用捐款創辦的事業;慈善機關;...

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  1. Fullfiling nationally funded item of national nature foundation ultrastructure and characteristical alteration of acetamide timber key technological problem tackling item in china technological studies of timber functionality improvement and several other major science and technology items works

  2. As a psychiatrist, aeronaut, highly sought - after public speaker, president of the " winds of hope " humanitarian foundation and goodwill ambassador for the united nations, dr. piccard is devoted to combine his family s scientific legacy with his commitment to exploring the great adventure of life

    Piccard的祖父及父親均是著名的探險家,而他本身既是探險家,亦是精神病專家、航空專家、著名演說家、人道救援基金會" windsofhope "主席、以及聯合國的親善大使。
  3. Makes general analysis and research on human visual system the characteristicness of human visual system is the process being considered firstly for every image process technology, include watermark technology, in order to join the characteristicness of hvs and the watermark technology together, this paper analyses and researches the hvs theoretics particularly firstly. it build the aesthesia models and the jnd models after discussing eyes " biology configuration particularly and expatiating eyes " aesthesia process. these works provide the foundation for the later research of watermark channel capacity and the watetmark embedding intensity. 2

  4. Invite a least one rotary foundation alumnus or alumna to join your club

  5. This part of the theses discusses theory foundation and power machine - made of the land - displaced, the same time

    第三部分(第四章)這部分引出了論述的重點? ?小城鎮土地置換。