dissimilar metal corrosion中文意思是什麼

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  • dissimilar: adj. 不同的,不一樣的 (to; from; with)。 The end would be dissimilar to the beginning. 結局將不同於開始。adv. -ly
  • metal: n 1 金屬;金屬製品;金屬合金。2 【化學】金屬元素;(opp alloy);金屬性。3 【徽章】金色;銀色。4 ...
  • corrosion: n. 腐蝕,侵蝕;【植物;植物學】溶蝕。 corrosion preventive 防腐劑。

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  1. 3, change the sub - form into a type of origin benefit type, the department is hollow and can heat or cool off, turning a heap to bear to whet hard quality metal alloy in the, the work surface plates hard chrome, bearing corrosion to bear to whet function like

  2. Some designers use metal strips at the section where the orifices are to be, thus avoiding the difficulties of filing dissimilar materials.

  3. The research progress of several environmentally friendly coatings, such as emulsion architecture coatings, water - borne metal corrosion - resistant coatings, modern wood coatings, high solids content coatings, powder coatings and special functional coatings, are discussed in detail

  4. This paper is based on the principle of metal corrosion and analyzes the steel used by boiler, investigates systemly the methods of maintenance of cease - boiler by experiments. the purpose of thin paper can provide the reference for the choice of maintenance methods for the short, medium and long - term cease - boiler

  5. 8 dissimilar metal welds ( ferritic to ausenitic - p1 to p8 ) are not permitted on pressure parts in hydrogen services or in wet sour services, as defined by secco

    受壓元件在賽科公司所規定的氫或濕的酸性環境下工作時,不允許在不同金屬間施焊(鐵素體與奧氏體p1 p8 ) 。