音標 [di'similə]
adj. 形容詞 不同的,不一樣的 (to; from; with)。
The end would be dissimilar to the beginning. 結局將不同於開始。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly


    1. We may recall here that very similar abiotic environments have given rise to a very dissimilar flora.

    2. It consists of two thin strips of dissimilar metals fused together.

    3. In a dissimilar way, lost the ability to realize our self - discontentment, we will run into the morass of laze ; after all, the experience of pain make our consciousness

    4. Negative assorative mating occurs when dissimilar phenotypes breed together, leading to outbreeding

    5. The trajectories of their, first sequent, then simultaneous, urinations were dissimilar : bloom s longer, less irruent, in the incomplete form of the bifurcated penultimate alphabetical letter who in his ultimate year at high school 1880 had been capable of attaining the point of greatest altitude against the whole concurrent strength of the institution, 210 scholars : stephen s higher, more sibilant, who in the ultimate hours of the previous day had augmented by diuretic consumption an insistent vesical pressure

      他們二人那起初有先有后,繼而同時撤出去的尿的軌道並不相似。布盧姆的較長,滋得沒那麼沖,形狀有點像那分叉的倒數第二個字母185 ,卻又有所不同。敢情,他念高中最後一年一八八0的時候,曾有本事對抗全校二百十名學生擰成的那股力量,尿撒得比誰都高。