distal tuberosity of fingers中文意思是什麼

distal tuberosity of fingers解釋

  • distal: adj. 【解剖學】遠端的,遠側的;末端的,末梢(部)的;【植物;植物學】遠基的,遠軸的。 the distal end of a bone 骨頭的末端部位。
  • tuberosity: n. 1. 有塊莖(狀態);塊莖狀;結節狀[性]。2. 【解剖學】粗隆;(骨的)結節。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • fingers: 手指

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  1. The distal end of the kinetochore tubule is firmly embedded in the pole.

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  3. Ru1ls : the root surface with high root caries prevalence rate are labial surfaces of incisor and canine, mandibular premolar and molar, lingual surfaces of mandibular incisor and canine and maxillary molar, distal surface of premolar and mesial surface of molar

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