distinctive features中文意思是什麼

distinctive features解釋

  • distinctive: adj. 1. 區別的,鑒別性的。2. 獨特的,有特色的。adv. -ly ,-ness n. 獨特性。
  • features: 屬性特徵

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  1. Mysticism and demonism with strong imagination are the distinctive features of this group

  2. Headmasters and schools with distinctive features

  3. This part holds that the main stream of politics socialization is good, which is mainly manifested by rich contents, distinctive features, various channels, smooth processes, etc. but there are also some problems such as vague political knowledge, puzzled political feeling, infirm political conviction, neutral political direction and blind political participation

  4. Its distinctive features are experiential learning and education through action, rather than simply the acquisition of knowledge about politics and government

  5. The supplement to morning news, under his editorship, possesses the following distinctive features : uniting authors 、 adept in organizing manuscripts ; macro - enlightening 、 rational realistic approach ; abiding by laws 、 increasing interests ; specific issue and column 、 laying stress on social reform ; blazing new trails in type of writing 、 prosperous