districts of uganda中文意思是什麼

districts of uganda解釋

  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • uganda: n. 烏干達〈非洲〉。

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  3. Per 1 m2 of protected soil at the price for heat in the districts of the republic of buryatia ranging from 703 to 2843, 5 rur gcal and 1000 - 1512 rur m2 with the electrical heating at the price 0, 07 kwh - recoupment period - 4 - 5 years. heat energy cost, rur m2 - 150 compared to traditional energy supplier - 550, solar green house - analogue - 270

    使用該技術,每建築一平方米的太陽能溫室,一年的經濟效益可以達到2000俄羅斯盧布按照俄羅斯聯邦布爾雅特共和國的熱價703 - 2843 . 5盧布gcal , 1000 - 1512盧布平方米,電熱價0 . 07美元千瓦時計算。
  4. Productive enterprises with foreign investment founded in the coastal economic open areas and in the old districts of the cities where the special economic zones or economic and technological development zones are located, shall be subject to the enterprise income tax at a reduced rate of 24 per cent

  5. This romantic night - time cruise aboard a chinese - style tour boat offers fabulous views of hong kong as you cruise around victoria harbour, taking in the tsim sha tsui promenade, causeway bay and the neon - lit districts of wan chai and central. an open deck provides the perfect spot to enjoy the moonlight and glittering waterfront skyline