adj. 形容詞 起劃分[區分、分割]作用的。
a dividing line 分界線。


    1. It is natural to invoke the properties of the aerosol in dividing up this tremendous size range.

    2. The dividing line between german classicism and german romanticism

    3. We provides a wide range of machines in the field, including 4 casses and more than 20 categories, such as screw dough mixers, paste dividing machine, shapc reparing machine, demark crisp machine and rotary frolley ovens and so on, which all sold out due to reasonable rice and reliable performance covering the market in north china and even exported to africa, south - east asia and south america, etc

      本公司產品現已形成四大類二十多個品種,主要生產的和面機、分塊機、整形機、酥皮機、熱風旋轉爐等麵包機械,依靠合理的價位、可靠的性能覆蓋了中國北方地區,並遠銷非洲、東南亞、南美洲等地區,產銷率100 % 。
    4. Carton device is mainly assigned into : paper - dividing machine, full - automatic color process printing and slotting machine, and binding machine

    5. At eleven in the morning the train had reached the dividing ridge of the waters at bridger pass, seven thousand five hundred and twenty - four feet above the level of the sea, one of the highest points attained by the track in crossing the rocky mountains