dj candy remix中文意思是什麼

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  • dj: 1. disc jockey 〈美俚〉無線電唱片音樂節目廣播員。2. Dow Jones & Co. 〈美國〉道瓊斯公司。
  • candy: n 1 冰糖;水果糖,〈美國〉蜜餞,糖果(=〈英國〉 sweets)。2 〈美俚〉古柯堿;可卡因(=cocaine)...
  • remix: 愛上一條街

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  1. After touring with a british classical ensemble, she accepted a publishing job, in the meanwhile singing in a series of local groups before joining the trip - hop outfit faithless - helmed by her older brother, the noted dj and producer rollo - in 1995. as the group s 1996 debut album " reverence " went on to sell some five million copies worldwide, dido began working on solo material, developing a lushly ethereal sound combining elements of acoustic pop and electronica ; signing with arista, she released her debut cd " no angel " in mid - 1999

    No angel這張專輯幾乎由她自己完成所有的創作,再加上她的哥哥rollo等人的製作,讓這張專輯的樂風呈現faithless一貫採取折衷的意念,融合了流行爵士民謠電子音樂,而由於dido對原音樂器的鐘愛,則讓原本電味十足的音樂,加入原音樂器的協調,而展現古典與摩登交織的多樣風情。
  2. The two friends decided to go in cahoots in business by buying a candy store together

  3. He 'd taken a candy from a baby.

  4. He coughed up the candy that was stuck in his throat.

  5. Candy stole a look at lennie.