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  • document: n 1 文獻,文件;公文。2 證件,證書,憑證。3 記錄影片,記實小說。4 【航海】船舶執照。vt 1 用文件[...
  • clustering: 叢聚

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  1. The thesis proposes a new document clustering method that uses a model named document index graph to represent chinese documents

  2. Users of web search engines are often forced to shift through the long ordered list of document " snippets " returned by the engines. this paper applied web content mining to the field of search engine. search engine results clustering relies on the information returned by the search engine

  3. However, their current status is still far from user ' s satisfaction. lt includes : ( 1 ) the content that search engine returns is a enormous flat bill ( information overloading question ) ; ( 2 ) the items return with search engine are not the content that user requisite in deed ( low precision question ) this paper presents a fuzzy ( soft ) clustering algorithm htsc ( hyperlink - text based soft clustering ) using a mixed similarity metric of document content and inter - document hyperlinks, for clustering web search results from a search engine in order to help users find relevant web information more easily

    這主要表現為: ( 1 )搜索引擎返回的結果是一個龐大的平坦結構的資源清單(即信息負載問題) ; ( 2 )搜索結果中的信息項並非都是用戶真正需要的信息資源(即低精度問題) ;論文提出了一種基於文檔文本內容和文檔間超鏈信息的混合相似度的模糊(軟)聚類演算法htsc 。該演算法可對搜索引擎返回的結果進行模糊聚類,以方便用戶從中找到真正需要的信息。
  4. Document [ 14 ] proposes the modified clustering analysis : variance square sum clustering analysis, weighted variance square sum clustering analysis etc. but they have not explained the number of the division of economic zones, and only show how to divide the economic zones

    在文獻[ 14 ]中作者給出了改進的聚類分析的方法:方差平方和聚類分析、加權變量影響的方差平方和法聚類分析、預先確定組數的擬和聚類分析。
  5. Our experimental evaluations show that our methods surpass the nmf not only in the easy and reliable derivation of document clustering results, but also in document clustering accuracies