doppler computer display中文意思是什麼

doppler computer display解釋

  • doppler: 多普勒效應
  • computer: n. 1. 計算者。2. (電子)計算機;計量器。-ism 電子計算機主義〈認為電子計算機萬能等〉。-erite, -nik 計算機專家;計算機工作者。
  • display: vt 1 顯示;展示,表現出。2 展覽,展出,陳列(商品等);展開(旗幟等),攤開(地圖等)。3 誇示,誇...

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  1. Gis ( geographic information systems ) is a computer system with collecting, checking, intergreting and analysing information which is related with interface of earth. digital terrain model display two demission geographic position and relational properts information with digital pattern. dtm is an important component of gis, and is basic of " digital earth "

    數字地面模型( digitalterrainmodel , dtm )是地表二維地理空間位置和其相關的地表屬性信息的數字化表現,是地理信息系統( geographicinformationsystem , gis )的重要組成部分,是數字地球的基礎。
  2. Computer - aided ultrasonic raster display metrology

  3. The total structure and working principle of the intelligentized photoelectricity fire control system which is made of the aiming telescope, image sensor, laser ranging engine, code device, decoding computer, display device etc were presented

  4. Your ability to define custom colors may be limited by the color settings for your computer display

  5. If properly oriented in front of the user ' s eye, the beam splitter can reflect the image of a computer display into the user ' s line of sight yet still allow light from the surrounding world to pass through