double melting中文意思是什麼

double melting解釋

  • double: adj 1 兩倍的,加倍的。2 雙的,二重的,雙重的;對,雙,兩,復。3 雙人用的;折疊式的。4 (意義)雙...
  • melting: adj. 1. 融[熔]化的。2. 心軟的,受感動的,易感動的。3. 使人感動的,使人感傷的,溫柔的,動人的。

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  1. When the whole melting was complete it was held in abeyance for a few minutes to facilitate the separation of foreign substances.

  2. On the tiling ratchet actin ' s double feet moving model

  3. Ag melting and superheating at high heating rate

  4. The airbus a380 is a double - decker aircraft that holds 555 passengers

  5. Introducing a class of generalized fibonacci sequences with double variables, we establish the relation with aitken, secant, new - raphson, halley transformation etc., generalize the results of many authors. furthermore, we give a more general generalization of q - matrix

    通過引入一類雙變量的廣義fibonacci序列,建立了其與aitken 、 secant 、 newton - raphson 、 halley等變換的關系,進而給出了q -矩陣的一個更廣泛的推廣。