double-blow heading中文意思是什麼

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  • double: adj 1 兩倍的,加倍的。2 雙的,二重的,雙重的;對,雙,兩,復。3 雙人用的;折疊式的。4 (意義)雙...
  • blow: vi (blew blown )1 (風)吹。2 (汽笛等)叫,鳴,響。3 喘氣;吹氣;(鯨等)噴水;噴氣。4 (輪胎...
  • heading: n 1 標題,題名;題詞,信紙上端所印文字。2 斬首;(魚)去頭;(植物的)打尖,摘心。3 【建築】露頭...

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  1. In a fit of self - abnegation she was severe on womankind, for she wished thus to lessen the cruelty of her blow

  2. In such conditions, those who borrowed yen to buy other assets ( such as emerging - market shares ) might face a double blow as the yen rose while asset prices fell

  3. Tdm - wt - 2400sp double location water type blow cabinet : ( 1 ) inside sets at the path, sprays, prevents the structure, carries on three times of cleans to the oil mist, the improvement work environment, reduces the paint to the human body violation, the noise is small

    二tdm - wt - 2400sp雙工位水濂式噴油櫃: ( 1臺)內置軌跡,噴淋,阻流結構,對油霧進行三次清洗,改善作業環境,減輕油漆對人體的侵害,噪音小。
  4. To see his season disrupted by injury was a big blow but there were some obvious highlights, not least doing the double over old rivals liverpool with the last - gasp win at anfield a real moment to savour

  5. The 25 - year - old, who suffered the double blow of a broken leg and dislocated ankle against liverpool in february, has endured a hard summer slog to be fit in time for the new season