double-coincidence switch中文意思是什麼

double-coincidence switch解釋

  • double: adj 1 兩倍的,加倍的。2 雙的,二重的,雙重的;對,雙,兩,復。3 雙人用的;折疊式的。4 (意義)雙...
  • coincidence: n. 一致(性),符合;巧合,暗合;【數學】重合,疊合(素);同時發生[存在]。 a mere coincidence 偶合,巧合。
  • switch: n 1 (樹上折下的)細樹枝;軟鞭子;鞭打。2 假發;(尾巴上的)毛簇。3 〈美國〉【鐵道】道岔扳子,軌...

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  1. The coincidence data were analyzed with the radware software package. through identifying the transitions in the double - gated spectrum by program of xmlev, we have built the level scheme with high spin states for 113ru for the first time

  2. Secondly, using the theory of modal analysis and the ansys modal analysis software, the modes and the vibratility of the thbip -, such as the inherent frequen - cies and the vibration modalities, are studied during its single - double support switch time, and more, combining with the experimental phenomenon, the developing trends of the real vibration properties of the thbip - are also discussed

    其次,運用模態分析理論和ansys中模態分析軟體,進行thbip -模態分析,研究支撐轉換期thbip -各階模態及其振動特性(固有頻率和振型) ,並結合實驗現象,對樣機結構的振動特性趨勢進行了初步的研究。
  3. Single - pole double throw switch

  4. Single pole double throw switch ( spdt ) mainly complete the conversion of the signal between difference channels, the control element in common use is pin diode and gaas mesfet

    單刀雙擲開關( spdt )主要用來完成信號在不同通道間的轉換,其常用的控制器件有pin管和gaasmesfet兩種。
  5. This is a double - direction switch