downstand beam中文意思是什麼

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  • beam: n 1 梁,棟梁,桁條;(船的)橫梁。2 船幅;(動物、人的)體幅。3 (秤)桿,杠桿,(織機的)卷軸,...

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  1. Be careful, the mule is a vicious beast, not safe abaft the beam

    當心,騾子是一種險惡的畜牲, (站在)它後面不安全。
  2. Aiming at the process questions of electron beam welding of aluminous sheet

  3. In order to prove the feasibility of the control method mentioned, both the semiphysical test for the plant simulated by analogue computer and the model test for the cantilever beam are designed and finished with the study of the parameter selection in realization

  4. In most recent studies, researchers have analyzed aluminum - rich minerals such as anorthite and hibonite using an ion microprobe, which bombards a sample with a focused ion beam to release secondary ions from the sample ' s surface

  5. The beam will deflect into a circular arc.