downstrean slope中文意思是什麼

downstrean slope解釋

  • slope: n 1 傾斜,坡度;坡,斜坡,斜面;【印刷】斜體。2 【軍事】掮槍的姿勢。3 【數學】斜率。4 【礦物】斜...

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  1. A number of alluvial fans along the base of a mountain may coalesce to form a continuous alluvial slope.

  2. 3. the changbaishan plateau training base is located on the northern slope of the famous mt. changbaishan, 182 km from antu county

    3 .長白山高原冰雪訓練基地位於聞名中外的長白山北坡,距安圖縣城182公里。
  3. A little note had therefore been appended to one of mr. slope's most telling rejoinders.

  4. The cherishing and training of some trees ; the cautious pruning of others ; the nice distribution of flowers and plants of tender and graceful foliage ; the introduction of a green slope of velvet turf ; the partial opening to a peep of blue distance, or silver gleam of water ; ? all these are managed with a delicate tact, a pervading yet quiet assiduity, like the magic touchings with which a painter finishes up a favorite picture

    欹斜之樹須正,修枝去葉,刪繁就簡,所得可謂奉若至寶;枝葉婆娑,花葉相映,令人賞心悅目;坡草青青,宛若天鵝絨地毯,光滑細膩;茂林之中偶露一隙,遠處藍天隱約可見,或現一池春水,碧波蕩漾? ?凡此種種,皆為人工造化,潤物無聲,猶如畫師當其畫稿殺青之際得一神來之筆,渾然天成。
  5. Besides, the upward motion on the aweather slope of main mountains of zhoushan archipelago can induce more precipitation and orographic highs