drab-colored patch中文意思是什麼

drab-colored patch解釋

  • drab: n 1 灰黃色,淡褐色。2 【紡織;印染】淡褐色厚呢。3 單調,乏味,死氣沉沉。adj 1 淡褐色的。2 單調的...
  • colored: 彩色
  • patch: n 1 補釘,補片;金屬補片。2 (軍服上表示所屬部隊的布制)臂章。3 飾顏片,美人斑〈17、18世紀時女人...

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  1. Based on these theories, this paper discusses the method of design of the rectangular gunn integrated active microstrip patch antenna in detail. the size of the active antenna and the location of the device in the antenna is obtained at the specified operation frequency

  2. But go a little way from france - go either to aleppo or cairo, or only to naples or rome, and you will see people passing by you in the streets - people erect, smiling, and fresh - colored, of whom asmodeus, if you were holding on by the skirt of his mantle, would say, that man was poisoned three weeks ago ; he will be a dead man in a month

    但離法國稍遠一點的地方,到阿萊普或開羅,或是只要到那不勒斯或羅馬,您在街上看到有一個人經過您的身旁時,那個人腰桿筆直,面帶微笑,膚色紅潤,可是,假如阿斯魔狄思猶太教中的魔王,有先見之明。譯注在您身邊的話,他就會說:那個人在三周以前中了毒,一個月之內就會死的。 」
  3. However, the advance of intracellular labeling techniques enables us not only to visualize more complete dendritic arbor for qualitative analysis, but also to examine the relation between changes in the dendritic arborization and the evoked fast postsynaptic curents - 3 - ( fpscs ) in the same neurons during the postnatal development the aim of this study was to systematically examine the postnatal changes in the configuration of fpscs evoked by the focal stimulation of the stratum radiatum of the ca1 region, and the relationship between the dendritic arborization and evoked fpscs in the rat hippocampal ca1 pyramidal neurons using whole - cell blind patch recording technique combined with biocytin intracellular labeling during the postnatal development ( postnatal day 2 - 70, p2 - p70 )

    但是,細胞內染色技術的進步使我們不僅能觀察到更完整的樹突分支來用於定性研究,而且也可以在同一神經元上研究在發育過程中樹突分支的變化與誘發的快突觸后電流( fastpostsynapticcurrents , fpscs )之間的關系。因此,本研究應用盲法腦片膜片鉗記錄並結合biocytin細胞內染色方法,對發育過程中(生后2 70天)局部刺激大鼠海馬ca1區輻射層在錐體神經元誘發的fpscs的成分變化,以及ca1錐體神經元的樹突分支與誘發的fpscs的關系進行了較為系統的研究。
  4. Their marriage has been going through a bad patch.

  5. Our firm has just struck a bad patch.