drag link body中文意思是什麼

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  • drag: vt ( gg )1 拖,曳;拖動,拖著(腳、尾巴等);硬拖(某人)做(某事)[至(某地)]。2 打撈,(用撈...
  • link: n 1 環鏈環。2 (編織物的)鏈圈。3 (鏈狀物中的)一節(多節香腸等的)一節單節小香腸。4 承前啟后的...
  • body: n 1 身體,體軀,肉體;屍首;軀干,【林業】立木。2 本體,主體;主力;本文,正文;部分。3 (衣服的...

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  1. The points of the ears is the part where the surface of the auricle and the bowels, channels, organs and limbs link each other, and it ' s also the window reflecting the physical functions of the human body and the pathological changes

  2. Drag the mouse clothing to body beautiful big eyes

  3. . . watched you drag his body behind your chariot

  4. In order to guarantee the good environment of kelp grows, when gathering in ( drag the kelp rope to land ) kelps every year, ( when finish harvesting scallops which grows in raft shelf ), our company always debark the raft body to get rid of the shellfish and alga which grow floating on water on the raft body after the course of sunshine violently, rolling with artificial or tractor

    為了保證海帶生長良好環境,每年在收割(繩收)海帶時, (養扇貝的筏架待收完扇貝時)將筏身收回上岸,經陽光暴曬后,再經人工或用拖拉機碾壓,去掉筏身上的浮生貝類或藻類。
  5. A punctilious police official, feeling the presence of the body unseemly in the courtyard of his excellency, bade the dragoons drag the body away into the street