dredging depth中文意思是什麼

dredging depth解釋

  • dredging: 干法塗搪
  • depth: n. 1. 深;深度。2. (色澤的)濃度;(聲音的)低沉;(感情等的)深厚,深沉,深刻。3. 進深。4. 〈常 pl. 〉深處;深淵,深海,海。5. 正中,當中。6. 深奧,奧妙。

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  1. To build the career guidance of engine model is a abecedarian try in innovating career guidance of high institutes, however, we hope such discuss can arouse more attention on career guidance and in - depth research on it

  2. As the depth of burst increases, the amount of energy going into the air blast wave decreases.

  3. If the velocity of atoms is near to zero, the light for ces will tend to confine the atoms near to nodes and antinodes. the stability depends on the magnitude of the negative slope of the light force, the depth of the potential well and the momentum diffusion coefficient. it is important to select the parameters, e. g

  4. The depth of the river is maintained by dredging.

  5. The main contents related to the scheme were introduced as follows : the characteristics and status of sediment pollution, the determination of the range, the depth, and the scale of sediment dredging projects, the treatment of dredged sediment, the disposal of the remaining water, etc