drosalis pedis free flap transplantation中文意思是什麼

drosalis pedis free flap transplantation解釋

  • pedis: 佩迪人
  • free: adj (freer; freest)1 自由的,自主的;自立的。 a free action 自由行動。 free competition 自由競...
  • flap: vt ( pp )1 拍打,拍擊;拍動(翅膀),撲動。2 拍打(蚊、蠅等);使(帆、簾子等)拍動。3 把(帽邊...
  • transplantation: n. 移植,移種,移栽;移接;移民,殖民;【醫學】移植(法)。

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  2. Cross legs vascular anastomosed flap transplantation for severe injury of lower extremities

  3. Transplantation of the sartorius muscle iliac flap in treating the bone defect and nonunion of middle and superior segment of femur

  4. ( 5 ) confirming the main channels of venous reflux of flap. ( 6 ) providing anatomical evidence for the selection of vein engrafting in flap free grafting or transplantation. study the vein reflux and communication of flap whose blood supply is trans - sec tion and clarify the blood circulation of non - physical flap

  5. During flap harvest, these perforators are meticulously dissected free from the surrounding muscle, which is spread in the direction of the muscle fibers and preserved intact