dry cup中文意思是什麼

dry cup解釋

  • dry: adj 1 乾的,乾燥的;無水分的,干透了的。2 (井、河等)乾涸的,枯竭的;(氣候)乾旱的;無奶的;無...
  • cup: 1 Cambridge University Press (英國)劍橋大學出版社。2 Columbia University Press (美國)哥倫比亞...

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  1. This, however, formed a part of the bitter cup which she was doomed to drink, to atone for crimes and follies to which she had no accession.

  2. It is recycling machine for machine with acentric dry method, fits for recycling resin bonded sand and used sand

  3. An experimental research on treatment of dry - spun acrylic fibre wastewater by iron chips

  4. Considerable quantities of co2 are adsorbed even by perfectly dry glass power.

  5. The hydrology and aerography indexes change in the middle of the rainy season in dry - hot valley are explored in this paper, which involves the mean ground temperature, relative humidity, runoff on trunk, rainfall, evaporation quantity, etc