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  • dry: adj 1 乾的,乾燥的;無水分的,干透了的。2 (井、河等)乾涸的,枯竭的;(氣候)乾旱的;無奶的;無...
  • mineral: n. 1. 礦物;〈口語〉礦石;【化學】無機物。2. 〈英國〉〈pl. 〉= mineral water. adj. 礦物(性)的;含礦物的;無機的。 the mineral kingdom 礦物界。

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  1. Although the earth contains extremely large mineral deposits, some of these are not easily accessible.

  2. The content of mineral nitrogen content ( nh4 + - n + no3 - n ) decreased during the incubation period after applying nh4 + - n fertilizer and urea. it maybe relates to the nh4 + - n fixation, volatilization, and its nitrification. ( 4 ) fertigation by drip irrigation increased the n uptake and accumulation of dry matter of summer maize, and improved the activity of crop photosynthesis

    與滴灌施用硝態氮肥相比,施用銨態氮肥和尿素后在培養期間土壤礦質態氮( n03一n + nh獷一n )的含量有降低的趨勢,降低的原因可能與nh4 +一n在土壤中的固定、揮發及硝化等過程有關。
  3. An important issue is that the dry bulk and shear modulus of sandstone are tightly correlated in a simple relationship with distribution of porosity, mineral composition, clay content, cementation, and differential pressure

  4. The different adding method of additives result various effects in the moisture susceptibility of the asphalt mixture, the slurry method is better than the dry method, however, there is no significant difference between the following two adding methods, joining to the cold aggregate and joining to the mixing machine with mineral filler

  5. The soil organo - mineral complexes, formed by intimate association of organic matters or humic substances and mineral, is one of the fundamental features that distinguishes soils from their geological parent materials, and effects on the nature of soil aggregate, and the amounts and characters of soil particle aggregation is closely related to soil fertility. by way of collecting soil samples outdoors and analysis indoors and using the dry land soils developed from purple soils as research materials, this paper investigated status of organo - mineral complexion, characters of aggregation and soil fertility for discussing the relationship among them under different land treatments, and the factors that influencing the amounts and characters of organo - mineral complexion and soil aggregation and restricting status of soil fertility, the main results were as follows : there were remarkable differences of status and activity of fe oxide and aluminum oxide in dry land soils developed from different parent soils and under different utilizations