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  • dry: adj 1 乾的,乾燥的;無水分的,干透了的。2 (井、河等)乾涸的,枯竭的;(氣候)乾旱的;無奶的;無...
  • model: n 1 模型,雛型;原型;設計圖;模範;(畫家、雕刻家的)模特兒;樣板。2 典型,模範。3 (女服裝店僱...

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  1. It ' s easy wear and take off. you can hang it on the pothook then dry itself. the beautiful print and the hand model become an adornment in your home

  2. A non - equilibrium model was established to simulate the catalytic distillation process in the preparation of ethylbenzene from dry gas

  3. To understand better the dynamic behavior of pneumatic flap gate of dry docks so as to shorten the design period of the dock gate and cut down the cost of tests, a kinetic simulation model for the pneumatic flap gate system of dry docks has been established by using adams - automatic analysis software for the dynamics of a mechanical system

    摘要深入了解干船塢氣控臥倒門系統的動態特性,以便縮短塢門的設計周期,節約試驗費用;運用機械繫統動力學自動分析軟體adams ,建立了干船塢氣控臥倒門系統的動力學模擬模型。
  4. The knowledge model for the dynamics of main development indices as plant height, leaf area index, dry matter accumulation, numbers of fruit branch, square and boll was developed based on the physiological time and target yield and quality. in addition, the dynamic relationships between plant nutrients and dry matter accumulation was quantified. all these sub - models provide the reference standards for quantitative and dynamic growth diagnosis and management regulation

  5. Methods the heat stroke model was established under circum stances of dry buld temperature ( 34. 5 0. 5 ) and ( 60 5 ) % relative humidity. 40 mice were randomly divided into five groups including reduping group, xihuangqijiao group, dexamethasone group, heat strike group and normal group and the increased rate of temperature, subsistence time and the number of diarrhea of experimental animals were observed

    方法在干球溫度( 34 . 5 0 . 5 ) ,相對濕度( 60 5 ) %的條件下建立小鼠中暑模型,將40隻小鼠隨機分為熱毒平組、西黃芪膠組、高溫中暑組、地塞米松組和正常對照組,觀察動物的肛溫上升速率、存活日寸間和致瀉作用。