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  • ds: Ds =【化學】 dysprosium 〈一般作 Dy〉 DS D S =〈義大利語〉 dal segno (=repeat from the sign)...
  • dna: 1. deoxyribonucleic acid 【生物化學】去[脫]氧核糖核酸。2. deoxypentose-nucleic acid 去[脫]氧戊糖核酸。

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  1. It was originally cloned at the dna level from the unicellular green alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii

  2. The respiratory intensity of the contaminated soil decreased by 29. 93 % while ammonification and nitrification increased significantly than that of control soil. 2. extraction and purification of soil microbial total dna a method of extracting soil total dna was developed, and it can extract dna from g + bacteria

  3. Comprehensive cellular responses was found in human amnion fl cells following exposure to low concentration of mnng, such as the lowering of dna replication fidelity resulted from alteration of dna polymerase profile ; activation of a lot of transcription factors, such as api, creb, nf - kb etc ; clustering of egfr ( epidermal growth factor receptor ) and tnfr ( tumor necrosis factor receptor ) and activation of camp - pka - creb and jnk / sapk signal pathways

    我們發現,低劑量mnng處理后的人羊膜fl細胞有廣泛的細胞反應,並有多個信號轉導通路的激活和基因表達的改變。例如dna復制保真度下降, dna聚合酶譜發生改變,應用報告基因技術和底物磷酸化檢出技術證明細胞一系列轉錄因子如ap1 、 creb 、 nf b等被激活,細胞表面受體如表皮生長因子受體、腫瘤壞死因子受體發生聚簇,細胞信號轉導通路camp - pka - creb和jnk sapk被激活。
  4. The pcr product was inserted into expression plasmid pet - 32a ( + ) after restriction digest. then the recombinant plasmid was identified by endonuclease analysis, pcr ampliation and dna sequencing. the report showed that the recombinant plasmid had right open reading frame

    重組質粒經酶切鑒定, pcr鑒定和測序,結果證實豬肺炎支原體黏附因子p97基因的抗原決定簇r1區定向插入了質粒pet - 32a ( + ) ,且閱讀框架正確。
  5. 1. hemodynamic effects of agmatine in dahl salt - sensitive hypertensive and dahl salt - resistant rats the hemodynamic effects of agmatine were investigated in anaesthetized dahl salt - sensitive ( ds ) hypertensive and dahl salt - resistant ( dr ) rats. the results are as follows : ( 1 ) agmatine ( 1, 10, 20 mg / kg, iv. )

    一、胍丁胺對dahl鹽敏感型高血壓大鼠和dahl鹽抵抗型大鼠血流動力學的影響在麻醉dahl鹽敏感型( ds )高血壓大鼠和dahl鹽抵抗型( dr )正常血壓大鼠,研究了靜注胍丁胺對血流動力學的影響。