duct survey中文意思是什麼

duct survey解釋

  • duct: n. 1. 管,導管,輸送管;槽,溝,渠道。2. 【無線電】波道;【電學】(電線,電纜等的)管道。
  • survey: vt 1 眺望,俯瞰,環顧。2 審視;通盤考慮[考察],觀察(形勢);概括,綜合評述。3 測量(土地),勘查...

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  1. The fabrication of casting sample of normal male canine prostatic duct and acinus system

  2. The photogrammetric and air survey section of the smo provides aerial survey services to clients in both the public and private sectors

  3. The office is also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the geodetic network, provision of aerial survey and photogrammetric services, and the provision of an up - to - date map at various scales

  4. A new survey compiled for the university of kent and the charity age concern showed ageism was rife in britain where people, on average, see youth as ending at 49 and old age beginning at 65

  5. The wake survey cannot be used to measure the drag of stalled airfoil or of airfoils with flaps down.