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  • line: n 1 線;繩索;釣絲;測深度用繩,捲尺。 a fishing line 釣魚線。 be clever with rod and line 會釣魚...

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  1. After 15 minutes ' intensively discussion, they started to exhibit their results. the nine groups, adding culture construction group, drumbeating group started their aboil contend and pk match. first, the elected leaders steped onto the platform to declare their team name and catchwords, and devised themselves ' characteristic behave. this activity bubbled up the assembly room ' s atmosphere. then we let the leaders stand in a line and give them the last 2 minutes ' speak time to draw tickets. lastly, we decided to choose the winner using the method that every group votes two tickets. but for there were 3 winners at last, we handed out a few lollipops averagely to this 3 groups. their great ambition expressed in last prevail speech reminded us the experience and scene in summer camp

  2. A single line of easily accessible stations can be selected.

  3. First in the paper network parameter is processing, learning off - line and revising accidence, then learning on - line at real control

  4. Write is enabled when this line is active.

  5. So the recent introduction of the microcomputer has provided a further impetus towards the possibility of on-line optimisation, or true adaptive control, within the missile itself.