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  • integrated: adj. 完整的,完全的。 an integrated iron and steel works 鋼鐵聯合企業。 an integrated oil company 大型石油(聯合)公司。
  • circuit: n 1 (某一范圍的)周邊一圈;巡迴,周遊;巡迴路線[區域];迂路。2 巡迴審判(區);巡迴律師會。3 【...

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  1. Computer - aided manufacturing ( cam ) refers to how to use computer technology effectively through direct or indirect combining computer and material resources manpower resources of one enterprise, in such aspect as plan, management, cantonment, operation, etc. when cam is used in integrated circuit ( ic ) manufacturing, we call it ic - cam

    計算機輔助製造( cam )是指通過直接或者間接把計算機與企業的物力和人力資源聯系起來,在生產的計劃、管理、控制和操作等方面有效地應用計算機技術。計算機輔助製造應用在集成電路生產製造上就稱之為ic - cam 。
  2. 2high grade of dry batteries and good integrated circuit blocks are employed

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  5. An integrated circuit looks like nothing more than a tiny silver-gray square or chip of metal.