dynamic deposition中文意思是什麼

dynamic deposition解釋

  • dynamic: adj 1 動力的,動力學的;力學(上)的;動(態)的;起動的。2 有力的,有生氣的;能動的;(工作)效...
  • deposition: n. 1. 免職,罷免;廢位。2. 淤積[沉積](物,作用)。3. 耶穌從十字架上放下(的畫、雕刻)。4. 寄存,委託;委託物。5. 【法律】口供,證言;口供書。

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  1. Study on the adit stability under dynamic blasting load

  2. Research on the dynamic characteristic of ash deposition in boilers burning coal and coal water slurry

  3. Supported by the state natural science foundation project " formation mechanism and evolution processes of flood channels in the changjiang estuary ", this paper study systematically the formation and evolution, erosion and deposition, and features of dynamic sediment of flood channels in the changjiang estuary, and put forward a development model of the different flood channels

    本文依託國家自然科學基金課題《長江河口漲潮槽形成的機理與演化過程的定量研究》 ,以長江河口的漲潮槽為研究對象,採用沉積和地貌,定性和定量相結合的方法,運用gis技術對河口漲潮槽的形成機理、演化模式、動力沉積特徵以及沖淤變化等問題進行了系統的研究。
  4. ( 4 ) the conditions of no particle deposition or making deposited particles move along the membrane surface were determined with the help of the analysis of forces acting on particles, from which, it may be considered that in the helical flow these conditions would be easier to reach than in the axial flow. when these conditions be satisfied in the whole region, there would be no or only a dynamic cake on the membrane surface. in addition, to ensure a long time steady microfiltration, sometimes over - high flux should be avoided

    ( 4 )通過顆粒受力分析,推導出外旋流方式下顆粒不沉積膜面的條件和已沉積顆粒沿膜面滾動的條件,認為從減小顆粒的沉積到促使已沉積顆粒沿膜面的滾動等方面,外旋流方式相對外軸向流較容易實現,當膜面上所有點上都滿足上述條件時,在膜面上將無濾餅或形成一阻力較小的動態濾餅層。
  5. The courses of structures vibrations and dynamic instabilities were a process of energy deposition, release and transfer