dynamic execution中文意思是什麼

dynamic execution解釋

  • dynamic: adj 1 動力的,動力學的;力學(上)的;動(態)的;起動的。2 有力的,有生氣的;能動的;(工作)效...
  • execution: n 1 實行,履行,執行;貫徹。2 執行死刑;強制執行;執行命令。3 作成,完成;簽名蓋印使法律文件生效...

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  1. In this section, you ll learn how to generate a dynamic call graph, which is a nested trace that depicts the pushing and popping of frames on the execution stack as a use - case runs from start to finish

  2. However, jdbc provides finer - grained control over the execution of sql statements and offers true dynamic sql capability

    然而, jdbc提供了對sql語句的執行的細粒度控制,並提供了真正的動態sql能力。
  3. Conclusively, the sma architecture is a promising way to implement high performance processor ; the continuous optimization framework smarcof can utilize dynamic execution profiles and heuristic rules to eliminate sma performance hindrance effectively. preliminary work discussed in this thesis showed encouraging performance boost potential and application compatibility of smarcof

    綜合來說, sma結構是一個很有潛力的方向,而基於反饋信息的持續優化方式配合正確的啟發式優化規則能夠很好的挖掘sma結構的潛力,將體系結構優勢轉化為現實的執行性能。
  4. Function allows dynamic execution of jscript source code

  5. Method, which allows the dynamic execution of jscript source code