dynamic exercise中文意思是什麼

dynamic exercise解釋

  • dynamic: adj 1 動力的,動力學的;力學(上)的;動(態)的;起動的。2 有力的,有生氣的;能動的;(工作)效...
  • exercise: n 1 (精力等的)運用,使用;實行;執行。2 演習,操練;訓練;〈常 pl 〉運動,體操。3 習題,練習,...

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  1. Study on dynamic characteristics of absorber

  2. Cut : dynamic cut. perfect adaption to the natural shape of the hand

  3. Finally, this thesis explored incremental algorithm, which featured normally in addable and non - iterative with some advantages, such as applicable to large and dynamic database, lower demand for memory, implementation of parallel processing and incremental update

    增量演算法的要求是聚類特徵一般是可加的、非迭代的,該文提出了一種基於密度的網格聚類演算法gdclus ,並在此基礎上提出了增量式演算法igdclus 。
  4. Influence of acute endurance exercise on dynamic change of monoamine neurotransmitter and its metabolic ability in the diencephalon of rat

  5. It includes demand analysis for the whole web - oriented courses system, the whole blue print design, the multimedia teaching system, the resolving question system, the exercise training system, the mock examination system, the demo of virtual model and virtual mechanism system, jsp ( java server page ) technology of developing dynamic web site, the choice of graphics processing platform, database design and security consideration

    其中包括:整個網路課程系統的需求分析,整體方案設計,多媒體授課、輔導答疑、習題練習、模擬考試、虛擬模型機構演示子系統具體功能分析和設計, jsp動態網站開發技術,圖形處理平臺選擇和數據庫設計,安全問題。