音標 [dai'næmik]
adj. 形容詞 1. 動力的,動力學的;力學(上)的;動(態)的;起動的。
2. 有力的,有生氣的;能動的;(工作)效率高的。
3. 【音樂】力度;強弱法的。
4. 【醫學】機能(上)的。
5. 【哲學】動力論的,力本論的。
n. 名詞 〈限指 dynamic〉 (原)動力;動態。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ally


    1. And the deficiencies are pointed out in present researches, such as highway capacity, level - of - service, influence factor of road alignments, etc. from these, it has confirmed that the thesis should be studied from rational analysis, quantitative analysis of level - of - service, impact on capacity of road alignments, setting - up simulation model, etc. the high - accuracy gps dynamic data acquisition appearance is proposed to be used for the first time to carry on the experiment of overtaking on two - lane highways, and experiment scheme is designed according to the driver ' s perceive to judge each overtaking course. based on the experiment data, it can get two important parameters of acceptant gap ? the critical gap of overtakable time headway and returnable time headway through data processing, which can offer the strong support to the research of two - lane highway capacity with qualitative and quantitative analysis. besides, the experiment methods is provided to observe overtaking ratio and to measure the

    2. Research on accumulative destruction of rock mass affected by dynamic

    3. To explore the formation mechanism of innovative coalition stability and prevent abortion of innovative partners, the one - to - one dynamic matching model of innovative coalitions was presented based on the analysis of dynamic and external characteristics of firm - research institute innovation coalitions with the assumption that innovative coalitions were formed through admissive negotiation rules

    4. Dynamic air borne radiometer

    5. Noninvasive dynamic tracing is very important to the alimentary canal micro drug delivering device