eager beaver中文意思是什麼

eager beaver解釋

  • eager: adj. 1. 〈多用作述語〉渴望,極想,熱衷於 (after; about; for)。2. 熱切的,熱情洋溢的。3. 〈古語〉(寒氣等)凜冽的;酷烈的;(氣味等)濃烈的。adv. -ly
  • beaver: n 1 海貍,海獺。2 海貍皮;獺皮帽;禮帽,高帽;獺皮手套。3 【紡織;印染】海貍呢;海貍絨布。4 〈美...

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  1. Sir thomas exerted himself so far as to speak a few words of calm approbation in reply to an eager appeal of mr. yates, as to the happiness of the arrangement.

  2. Moreover, you should be honest, creditable, eager to learn and aspirant

  3. Our boss is an eager beaver

  4. Being an eager beaver, he sometimes is not well - liked by his colleagues

    (他做事異常賣力,有時不受同事喜歡。 )
  5. Ll : i am not quite the eager beaver that the new intern is - i ' ve been in the office a while